Post-doctoral research fellow

Highly motivated postdoctoral fellow candidates are encouraged to apply for a position in the Magee lab. Ideal candidates will have a PhD or MD/PhD in biological sciences or related fields, as well as experience in molecular biology and genomics. Programming skills are desired but not required. Applicants must have good spoken and written communication skills.

Trainees will gain experience in mouse models of human malignancies, hematopoietic stem cell biology, genomics and translational research.

Interested applicants should send a curriculum vitae and research statement to Jeff Magee at

Graduate student research

We are currently accepting DBBS rotation students with interests in stem cell biology, developmental biology and cancer biology. Interested students should contact Jeff Magee at

Undergraduate students

We do not currently have positions available for undergraduate students.

What will you learn as a graduate student or postdoc in the Magee lab?

You will learn a number of cutting-edge techniques, including single cell RNA-seq/CITE-seq, epigenome profiling (ATAC-seq, Chipmentation) and some novel mouse modeling technologies. You will become a flow cytometry expert, irrespective of which project you work on.

Beyond the techniques, you will learn how to read and critique papers effectively, write effectively and manage your projects autonomously. You will have many opportunities to present data in lab meetings, work in progress meetings and at national meetings. You will have the opportunity to publish high-quality papers.

What can you expect of me?

I will be an engaged and respectful mentor. I interact with everyone in my lab almost every day. We will have formal one-on-one meetings every week, in addition to weekly group meetings that include literature review and primary data presentations. I will help you troubleshoot your projects and continuously feed ideas. As you grow in the lab you will become more autonomous, and I’ll respect that autonomy, as well. I will ensure that you have adequate resources for your projects.

What will I expect of you?

Effort and work ethic – the rest can be taught. We are trying to cure terrible diseases. We have an entire community behind us that includes patients banking their samples, private and public donors supporting our work, and a supportive department and institution. My goal is to help you see your project as an opportunity realize the broader mission of curing childhood cancer.